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Cutting Down

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Xu Chu Come,sit down ah.Sadako Xu Chu drumsticks.Good to eat Sadako yes Xu Chu eating popcorn right.Sadako a ghost.Xu Chu Ghosts,what do you eat it.Sadako Also keep in shape yet.Through a special way to reduce the fear of success after the device Spirit girls finally recovered to Azusa Star asking how did this thing children.Long Ji Zi star sister how to get the lost brothers head.She is now head put out is what this intention.

There are endless questions about the trend.Azusa star this time where there is the mood to explore these issues with.He chuckled,silent,staring eyes tightly in front not far away,like a hard to reach across the spacetime like a dragon guitar princess.The girls understand the psychological moment Azusa star brother.Not to bother him.Minato one,whispering,spontaneous LONG Kyrgyzstan mutation happened in this series.Causes of origin,of course,pay attention.But the problem focus of the study,or on the dragon will bring what Kats face farreaching impact.

The Fifa 14 Coins girls and Azusa Star ran a frontline battlefield,eighteen hell and smelly fungus nor hid far side.After eighteen hell hell initiative narrow tower.With smelly fungus came behind Azusa star.Smelly fungus very sharp ears.Those who heard the girls analysis irrelevant speculation,it is disdain.They could not resist fiercely sarcasm Well,since that is also loss sub Sim one thousand Sweet Basil friends.Chou Chou,people now are a woman sucked all the attention,simply do not want to ignore.

You see here,the beam is about to pick up a small summer faded to fall apart old books,pointing to insert the copy under incomplete inscription array,here are part of Gods punishment of the land records in ancient times,the book guess the city in the dark elves dark moss rise the former may be a god worshiped by the ancient Orc exile criminals to the entrance of Gods punishment.Fortunately,also just heard name Castle bloody.You need the right dark pupil if this is really possible in any place,there is about it.Echo is not read inscriptions array,so the beam small summer how to say anything.

Dark elves Fifa 14 Coins Sale revered ancestors Mother Earth,it could be the ancestors of the snake Medusa,so speculation are far more likely to be true.Not tell echo is possible also in this forgotten city below as dark moss beneath Puka town in central Dalmatian island continent,just as the center of the underground world,in full compliance with Roland Majesty told speculation.Echo silent,lit gently with your fingers to each other,immersed in a thinking state.If true,the echo must personally see that if false,will be killed.

Say how many possibilities.Everything is just speculation.Liang Xia actually very irresponsible to say to someone Yongming gamble,but do not tell her odds.But Leung summer he had determined to go and see,for the future of the elves,she had to try to find the forgotten city of Yao wizard once lived,and see if you can find heritage turnaround.There are conventions and mirror month summer do not want to think about a cheap fifa 14 coins small beam,not because he is so hard to see it will be all attributed to her commitment promised things would be done.Liang Xia no longer submerged in the room,bought some dried coarse bread,plenty of water,shovel Liangbing hard texture,there are a few dark elves Sew the top of a thick cloak freezing wind,strong oil lamps,the bulging everything inscriptions equipment inside.As a precaution,echo back an inscription equipment,echo more bluntly,attached it to go three,again in a hurry to leave.Echo off together entourage followed more than twenty are dead guards and loyal maid,which even five formal dark maidens and three dark priests,Liang Xia shook his head,so that the echo from the hard men multi band three big tall horse Tauren warrior.

Liang looked in the mirror smiling squint summer months Duanzhaochabei tray left,turned over,you see the look strangely at echo look.No,nothing.Echo shook his head,trying to make yourself wake up suddenly see ya like India,some are not used.India ya Although it looks very cold,in fact,very good.Liang Xia nodded,chewing hard candy mouth,lips a Move,eyes soft and warm light.Only be a good person.Echo looked Leung summer lying soft chair,hair high beam from behind against the comfortable cushion in hand stood not read half of the book,filled with refreshments on the side of a small coffee table,shining eyes the bright glare of the lights is not sufficient,is suitable for reading echo look at yourself,emptyhanded,even a cup of tea at all.

In the dark moss city,combined with the dark elves and humans is illegal blasphemous behavior,which is not only the traditional rules comply,but also because the combination of cross racial harmony is difficult to come together radically.Life,culture,between right and wrong never long dark elves and humans may make matters worse,a combination of cross racial offspring,also because of melted mixed impure blood,there is a great degree of exclusion and difficult to survive.Of course,not to say that all the different races of love must end with tragedy,at least know some orcs and humans have formed a family,life can be well Charles,you are,after all,a fairy,a Bright Wizard,you and a human together anyway,hope you think about before you decide.

Xia Liang did not produce unpleasant remarks echo because she started listening to the echo leads topic,guess what she would say about.Liang Xia did not interrupt echo,carefully listening to her advice,sincere smile toward the echo.Echo,you get the feeling sincere friendship,without any machinations of these words is,is really standing on a friend's advice identity,indicating that you will as a friend.Here you can tell your ,Yao wizard Charles,also you can open the door greeted as a friend.